As part of the Hurst village 4-day Queen’s platinum jubilee celebrations, Friday the 3rd June 2022 will be a day devoted to sports within the community.

We have planned.

Tennis in the morning, with a special thanks to the Dolphin school for allowing the Hurst community to use their facilities. The courts will be available from 10 am to 1 pm, please bring your own rackets and balls.

Hurst Velo Cycling Club, join other cyclists at 10:00 am from the duck pond. This will be 1.5 – 2 hours via Velolife for Coffee and Greenman Finishing drink.

The full route can be seen HERE.

Football Hurst Football Club as part of the jubilee celebrations come and join Hurst football club, games and penalty shoot-out from 9.30 with our annual awards at 11.30


The Bowling Club is pleased to be part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations.
It is a double celebration for us, as this year we celebrate 275 years of bowling on our green.
We are proud of our history. We are pleased to welcome you to try this very ancient sport.
The “Rules of the Game of Bowls were settled by his most Excellent Majesty, King Charles ll in the year 1670”
We ask anyone wishing to try our sport to come equipped on the day in comfortable clothes.
Footwear is most important – heelless shoes or flat-soled shoes are to be worn. Flat soled trainers are acceptable. This minimises damage to the green.
We have all the bowls and equipment necessary for play.
We look forward to introducing you to this splendid and challenging sport.

Cricket Hurst Cricket Club, awaiting information from the club.

Sponsored by Stanlake Park Wine Estate