To commence the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in Hurst, we will be gathering in the community orchard from 8 pm. We will have an 80-piece rock choir, church bells, handbell ringing of the National Anthem, a piper playing “Diu Regnare” and St Nicholas Singers performing “A Life lived with Grace.”

The beacon will be lit by Lucy Zeal, Deputy Lieutenant of Berkshire at 9.45 pm. The beacon is being specially made for the village by Haines Hill Estate.

An outside bar and food will be available. You are all encouraged to arrive early, limited parking is available, but you are encouraged to walk if possible. Marshals will be clearly visible if you need any help.

Order of the night:

20.00 – 20.30 Bell ringing from the church tower
20.45 – 21.20 Eighty Piece Rock Choir
21.25 – 21.35 Colleen Scott Village Piper is playing, among other tunes, “Diu Regnare”.
21.40 – 21.45 Speech from St. Nicholas Hurst Parish Council chairman.
21.45 Lighting of the Jubilee Beacon by Lucy Zeal, Deputy Lieutenant of Berkshire, accompanied by “A life lived with grace” sung by the St Nicholas Singers.
21.50 National Anthem from Hurst handbell ringers

Photos taken of the Hurst Jubilee brazier beacon, made by John Jones at Haines Hill Estate in Hurst, Berkshire.